What could you possibly be doing wrong with your Lakeland video production? You have seen your competitors’ corporate videos and they are all just working fine. They put it on television and on multimedia billboards, and they receive plenty of inquiries and even makes huge sales.

You’ve patterned yours on what you see in most successful operations. And yet, it’s not working out for your business. No one’s calling you because they were curious about your advertisement. If there ever were some inquiries, these are mostly vague and they were the result of your more traditional marketing efforts.

You’re not using the right video type

Are you selling a non-stick cookware but decided to do a testimonial video? While testimonials are good and they make great advertising efforts, they are not the best go-to strategy when it comes to promoting the usage of nonstick cookware. Instead, go for an instructional video which can highlight the features of your products.

An instructional video would not only show how to use a particular product. It would also highlight the features of the product and how effective it really is. Promoting a product requires for it to be showcased. If you don’t allow the customers to see how beneficial it is to have your products, they wouldn’t want it.

You employed the wrong person to endorse it

A video is a very powerful tool. It’s almost a foolproof way of promoting a product or a business. If you find that your video could not promote your business well, it might be because you’re using the wrong people in it.

So, you’ve hired a celebrity to promote the product? But, did you make the proper research before hiring him/her? Maybe your intended audience don’t like this particular celebrity? Maybe he/she has undergone a tremendous scandal and the backlash caused his/her endorsements to fail?

Be careful about getting people to endorse or promote your business because they could be disadvantageous rather than beneficial.

You’re using the wrong format

Website now use different video formats to allow visitors to play them easily. If you’re using an obsolete format, your visitor would most likely be annoyed and he would transfer to the next website on his list.

Make sure that the website is using the proper video format. It’s such a shame to lose customers because you overlooked a simple formatting problem.

A professional Lakeland video production company would know just what to do. Let your producer know the issue, and he would surely be glad to edit and convert the video format.