The first problem business owners have to face after finally deciding that they want to have a Lakeland video production on their website is the type of video they need to produce. That only speaks of how inexperience business owners are when it comes to using video production for marketing and promotion.

Here’s the basic question you need to ask yourself: What are you selling? And not just the product, okay? What are you selling with the product? Are you selling the experience or the luxury of having it? Is there something exclusive about owning that particular product? You have to know the product like the back of your hand. You have to constantly be updated about it and its competitors. Then, and only then, can you decide what type of video production suits your products best.

How’s your resources?

A video production would require a huge chunk of your business budget. That means you have to allot a specific budget for this particular project. It has to be substantial, too, unless you’re okay with an amateur video.

Your budget will also determine what type of video production you can afford. Usually, hiring actors would cost you quite a bit. As much as possible, try to contain your video production to the people involved in the project.

Maybe the one handling the logistics can act as an actor, too? If you try to employ the talents of actual actors, that an additional expense you may not have the resources for.

What’s your goal, really?

Are you introducing a new concept/product/service? Is this something new from your business or are you merely reintroducing it? You have to define first what you want to achieve by producing a video for your business because there are different types of videos for what you want. If you’re introducing a new product, an instructional video can be the perfect type of video for it.

If it’s merely a reintroduction, maybe testimonials or a message from the CEO can work to attract more clients.

Do you want to hire additional help?

Some employers would just add the video production to the duties of their current workers. That’s because they are a small business and they need to save as much on their budget. If you won’t be hiring outside help, it may not be advisable to create a complicated corporate video because your current workers might not be up to it, anyway.