Filmmaking has really gone a long way in terms of filming equipment. Imagine the old cameras they used to shoot footage back then and compare them to the various kinds of cameras we currently have at our disposal. How difficult it must have been to capture footage! Now, if you were to think of the types of modern cameras we have today, there is a vast improvement of the ways the camera was capturing footage. But now as you watch countless films featuring Lakeland drone videography and you sit in awe over how majestic everything looks, you begin to think: Was this really shot using a drone? Aren’t they just toys? Handling it looks difficult, but how do I shoot footage using one?

As a filmmaker, it’s really important to know each filming equipment and recognize its importance. You should learn more about it instead of avoiding it so that you’ll see how it can help you capture your best footage yet. As such, you must not be pulled away by misconceptions you might have about drones, and instead embrace its uniqueness. After all, it might end up being your favorite filming equipment!

What misconceptions might filmmakers have about drones and Lakeland drone videography? Read more below to find out:

It’s too confusing for me to fly!

Admittedly, that might be so in the past. However, drones over the years have been upgraded. See, this has happened mainly due to the fact that they are now ubiquitous and are being used constantly by the masses. This means drone manufacturers are now making sure piloting drones are as easy as pie and they can be flown with little difficulty.

But they’re robot spies!

Two words: highly unlikely. Most drone pilots own one because they are either professionals who are looking to shoot interesting footage that can be used for their film project, or they’re just people who are finding a new (and rather fun) hobby which is to fly a drone. Besides, with how noisy drones can get, they’re not exactly the quietest spy tools around.

They’re just toys!

Actually, it was designed for fun in the beginning so technically, yes. However, as mentioned, drones have dramatically changed and they have been given upgrades over the years. This includes upgrades of its cameras and its flight stabilization, among other factors. In fact, drones are even used these days by first responders who are saving lives by doing search-and-rescue.