What can happen in 10 seconds? We can barely put on our shoes in 10 seconds, so what makes us think that something needs to happen in your Lakeland video production during that same period? Studies have shown the amazing importance of the first 10 seconds of every video on YouTube and social media. Long story short, if you want to hook your audience, you have to make the most out of those first 10 seconds.

Keep Viewers Engaged

So, how do you make sure your audience stays long enough to finish your video? There are several elements how you can do it, but the most important thing to remember are these two terms: curiosity gap and value proposition. The curiosity gap makes the viewers click on the video and watch it, but it is the value proposition that tells them they will be rewarded for doing so.

These concepts work because one, you are basically telling the viewers that you know something they don’t. And two, you are telling them that this concept is worth knowing. That’s what you have to keep in mind when making your introduction. You have to capture the viewers’ attention and retain that attention.

Adjusting to Different Platforms

Your videos may not always conform to the rules of the platform on which they are played. For example, YouTube counts views after 30 seconds while Facebook and Instagram count views after only three seconds. Those two platforms also have autoplay feature so even if you just managed to pass by the video, it will still count as a view.

Vine, on the other hand, counts the whole six seconds as a view. Twitter will count it a view when you press the play button. This means that on Facebook and Instagram, you could be a bit lazy. On Twitter, you need a catchy thumbnail to persuade users to play the video. But on YouTube, you need the first 30 seconds of your video to be engaging.

Mix It Up

If one technique doesn’t work to get more viewers for your Lakeland video production, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Try some other techniques that can get you the views you need. You can use visuals or other props to catch the viewers’ attention.

The thing about hooking your audience is you can find the answers on the Analytics page. You have to look at what elements the viewers most likely respond positively to, so that you can continue using these and avoid those that do not bring viewers to your video.