The Lakeland drone videography and photography industry is a fairly new one, but it is rapidly growing in terms of size and popularity. Every day there are new drone enthusiasts looking to make their mark on the drone industry.

If you’re looking to join this industry, you might be overwhelmed at the number of terms and industry-specific terminology that you are very unfamiliar with. To help you out here is a basic guide to Lakeland drone videography and photography terms.

Aerial photography

This refers to photography that is carried out through the use of drones and other instruments that can be used to take photos from an aerial point of view.


Autopilot refers to the operation of a drone without the use of a human operator. This can be done on drones by setting GPS coordinates for it to follow ahead of time.


Build refers to a drone that has been built, rather than purchased from a shop that sells drones.

Commercial flight

A commercial drone flight refers to a drone flight that is performed for commercial purposes or to make money off your drone flight.


A feature or a system that is designed to help protect the drone in the event of a system failure or error.


FPV or first-person view is a system where the drone pilot is able to view the drone footage in real time through their controller, a device, or special goggles that allow you to view the footage.


A gimbal is either an external attachment or built into the drone and is designed to help steady the drone’s movement, allowing its footage to be more stable while it hovers and maneuvers.


LiPo or Lithium Polymer is the most common type of battery that you will see in a drone. It’s important to practice proper battery care to maximize their lifespan.


A smaller type of drone that can fit in the palm of your hand and can be flown indoors.

Pre-flight planning

Before every Lakeland drone videography flight, it’s important to implement a pre-flight plan to make sure that everything from the location to your drone’s functions is perfect for the flight.


A quadcopter refers to a drone that has four propellers.


Return-to-home is a feature in many drones that are designed to bring the drone back to the indicated home coordinates.


A spotter assists the drone pilot to keep an eye on the drone while the drone pilot focuses on the FPV. this helps guarantee the safety of a drone during a flight.

Visual line of sight

The visual line of sight refers to how the drone pilot can see the drone from the ground without needing a controller or a device.