When people watch a video production or a movie, the most that they can probably take away from the whole thing is how great the acting is, or how well-done the visuals are. For the more technical-minded, you might find them complimenting the use of camera angles and lighting.

However, a large majority of film watchers never seem to fully grasp how each and every part of a video production comes together to guarantee its success. One of the most underrated factors of a successful production is the memory storage used.

That’s right, that tiny little chip is a huge part of a video or movie’s success. Can you imagine how many scenes and shots would have to be redone or scrapped because there wasn’t enough storage, or worse, it got corrupted?

If you’re running your own production, storage is a very important factor to consider. Learn about what to look out for when choosing the best memory storage for your own professional production.


Of course, when considering different storage options for a full production, you definitely have to take into consideration the capacity that you’re going to need. You might think that maybe a couple of terabytes is going to work, but you will find all too quickly how fast that storage can fill up from shots.

Videos take up a lot of memory, and if you’re shooting in a higher resolution, it won’t be long until those terabytes are filled up to capacity. You have to seriously think about how many videos you’re going to be shooting, and how much memory you’re going to need to accommodate that.


Something that regular storage consumers don’t really think about is the security of a certain method of memory storage. For production companies, however, this is a very crucial element to consider when choosing a memory storage method for their productions.

A decent security and backup system can mean the difference between a successful production and an unsuccessful one. You have to pay more for a secure system that allows you to back up your files, but you will definitely need it to make sure that your files are safe.


The cost will always be a significant factor to consider when choosing the right storage option for your professional video production. After all, how can you shoot a full production if your budget was used all up for your gear? It’s very important to find the right balance between your production budget and meeting your needs to guarantee a successful production.

One thing to note, however, is that you must never skimp on your storage just for the sake of saving a couple of dollars. Cheaper memory cards may be great for your wallet, but in the long run, you may end up with corrupted or lost files and will end up costing you more in the long run.