Being a Lakeland videographer can be pretty challenging at times when it comes to your career. It is true that videography, as an industry, is very popular right now. This is because of the rise in demand and popularity for video content in the digital marketing industry.

All of a sudden, online users are calling for more video content from content creators. However, because of its popularity, it can be pretty challenging to make a name for yourself in the industry because of the thousands of videographers who are just like you.

Fortunately, because of its popularity, there are other ways to make a living as a Lakeland videographer. Here are nine ways that you can turn your videography hobby into a full career.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is one of the most popular niches in the videography world, and that makes plenty of sense. After all, there are plenty of couples are looking to have their special day documented on video and film.

Corporate Videography

Companies have a lot of need for videographers, and this is definitely a niche that you can make a mark in. Make sure that you learn about the different types of corporate video and what kind of content audiences prefer nowadays from the companies that they follow.

Real estate videography

Real estate videography is usually done with a drone nowadays, so if you have a drone, you can definitely make a living as a real estate videographer. People who are looking for new homes prefer to have a more in-depth view of the homes that they’re considering, and this is where videographers come in.


Fundraising events can always use plenty of help in promoting their charity events. Video content can do a lot for these fundraisers.

Public Relations

Public relations is all about making a good impression on customers, and video is a good way to show customers more information about a company.

Live Events

Event videography is another very popular way that video production professionals have made their mark in. Like weddings, people are always looking to preserve specific moments on film, so there is always a huge market for live events documentation.

Travel Videography

Do you like traveling? You can start a blog online about your travel and document your traveling adventures. This gives you a chance to create a portfolio in something that you love doing while practicing your video skills.

Stock Video

If you need some extra money, you can create stock videos and sell it to stock videography and videography websites.

Online Courses

If you have a skill as a Lakeland videographer that you think people might be interested in learning, you can create an online video course and sell it online.