We see it all the time now. Short clips of videos on Facebook and Instagram. Longer or full video on YouTube. People holding cameras on the street talking to themselves or their friends. We are now a society of videos. Everything we do could be caught in video. There’s no easy denial now. Lakeland video production is now part of the equation; part of our everyday lives.

It’s easy to understand why videos are suddenly the most important posts on social media. It’s easy to understand. It’s short. It’s alive. It engages more with the viewers. There’s something to be said about your favorite celebrity or blogger talking straight to you through a camera. It makes you feel like you are a part of their journey, too.

Catches attention

Whether you’re promoting a business online or creating a big following for yourself, you need a video to catch the attention of your intended audience. It’s not enough that you would announce a new product or a new service. You should your market what they are missing out if they don’t try the product or service you are promoting. A video can easily catch the attention of your market; something that a long and lengthy post certainly cannot. People are primarily visual beings, so they are more likely to check out your page if you have a video posted there.

Targets specific market

A video is primarily intended for the millennials. Even if your grandparents have blurrier eyesight than during their youth, they would most likely prefer reading materials rather than watching them. That’s the way of their generation. Ours is a fast-paced society that is constantly moving and changing. Videos have a better way of communication to your specific market—the millennials. And even if you’re marketing to the older generation, they could still “adjust” and watch your videos.

Personalizes the feed

Isn’t video more personalized than photos and texts? It’s because videos can capture our emotions. This creates a bridge between the one in the video and the viewer. It makes the viewers feel like you are directly talking to them and you are telling them information about a product or a service you have tried. If it’s a travel video, it will make your viewers feel like they are a part of your adventure and you cannot wait to share it with them. Videos have emotions, and people love seeing emotions.