If you are a part of a large company, there is no way you could’ve met everyone in the business. There are branches in Georgia and even Spain that you would never even see. There are offshore employees from India and other parts of Asia that you will never get to meet personally. There was a time when video conferences are made, with one of the countries and states usually sacrificing their sleeping time. But now, all a company needs is one Lakeland video production to reach those in the remote areas of the world.

Thanks to the internet, the world is smaller than ever before. A video can present the same ideas and same messages to different people in various parts of the world. Sometimes, an email can get lost. A corporate memo can be shrugged off. A video, on the other hand, will demand to be noticed. Your employees, wherever they may be, will be interested to know what you have to say and why should it be in a video and not the usual office email or memo.

How expensive would it be to ship personnel from the far-flung areas of the world to meet your officers in New York, for example? It would definitely be a logistics nightmare to have one big meeting among the stakeholders and the people who make it possible for your company to run smoothly. A Lakeland video production can make all this possible without the need to shell out airline tickets and hotel accommodations.

Videos can easily contain trainings, education, and other information pertinent to the company. This can be transmitted via the internet or if you want your employees to have an actual hard copy of the file, you can ask them to burn it in a CD. There is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to corporate videos. Everything you imagine is possible.

You may even upload this on a private channel or forum, where employees will be asked to log in. They can view the videos and then comment their queries or suggestions about new policies in the company. You can create a community among your employees where you, as their boss, can filter out the good suggestions from the bad ones without having to shut them down personally.

As always, you have to make sure that lines are secure and that no people outside the company can view your corporate video. This may actually be the only disadvantage of having that kind of information out there–the possibility that even if encrypted, it may be hacked and sensitive information may be leaked. But if you secure your connection and ask your employees to do the same (wherever they may be), there should be no issues at all.