It’s easy to poke fun at vloggers. You see them all the time in the streets holding their cameras in front of their faces while speaking to strangers on the internet. And while people poke fun at them all the time, know that vloggers do make money from what they do. By monetizing these videos when they upload them on YouTube, they get revenues from the ads that appear on these ads. The more people watch the videos (and the ads), the more money these vloggers get. That’s why many of them have already invested in professional Lakeland video production to create more amazing and engaging video content.

Who Are the Vloggers?

Anyone can be a vlogger. As long as you have a smartphone, you can switch the video on and record what you’re doing daily. You don’t need to be a particular expert to blog. You can talk about anything under the sun. You can talk about mundane things and surprisingly, others may find it amusing, too.

Many social media influencers started with blogging, the text version of a video blog. They wrote down their thoughts as if the internet is their own private diaries. That’s how vlogs came to be.

They transitioned from writing about their experiences to taking a video camera and recording how these experiences made them feel, or what their opinions are about a particular restaurant, clothing brand, etc.

What Kind of Content Do They Make?

Vloggers do all kinds of content. From entertainment to news to political commentaries, there’s no topic that a vlogger hasn’t touched. But what makes them successful in these fields is their knowledge and their effort to do research.

Many fashion vloggers started experimenting in their rooms about what goes with what in fashion. And yet, there are legitimate fashion vloggers who took fashion merchandising as a course in college. Usually, it is those with an academic expertise that climb the ladder faster.

Do They Need Professional Videos?

The answer depends on what kind of vlogger are you. Some vloggers work well with raw and almost unedited videos. They use live videos to interact with their audience. This is an effective method if you have that kind of bubbly personality to interact with your viewers spontaneously.

Then, there are those that use heavily edited videos made by a Lakeland video production company to reach out to their audience. Both work surprisingly well. It all depends on the preference of the audience; what they expect to see from these particular vloggers.