When done right, rain can be a wonderful atmosphere to add to your Lakeland video production project. After all, this can be a great addition to the mood and feel of your shoot, which is why it is used in a lot of video projects. However, as great as this is, many people have difficulty with managing their equipment in the rain and encounter a lot of difficulties with capturing the rain in their shots. To make full use of the rain, here is a simple guide to handling a rain shoot for your Lakeland video production.

Look for the best way to capture the rain

As great as the atmosphere for rain is, it is notoriously difficult to capture on camera. This is because the rain droplets are actually quite small. If you take a look at videos and movies that use rain as an effect, they tend to use rain that comes down strong, as this is the only way to get it in the shot.

However, there are still a few ways that you can capture the rain on film. One way to do this is by shooting during the night time, as the lights in the dark reflect the rain well, making them more visible. You can also use reflective surfaces, like car roofs to reflect the rain in the shot.

Protect your gear

Of course, the protection and care of your gear will be your main priority when you’re shooting in the rain. While they do make waterproof cameras nowadays, you don’t want to risk overexposing your gear to constant rain, so how do you manage this?

You can look into rain sleeves, which can protect your camera while you shoot. Regardless of the protection method you use, you should also make sure that you take the proper precautions after the shoot. Dry off your camera properly and make sure that you don’t end up with pooling water, as the water can still get into your camera like that.

Don’t forget to protect yourself

Even if your camera is the main priority for a Lakeland video production shoot in the rain, it’s important to protect yourself as well. There is no point in investing all of this effort and resources in protecting your camera if you end up getting sick because of the project.

Don’t forget to invest in waterproof clothing, especially if you’re going to be shooting for a long period of time in the rain. Even a simple raincoat is better than jumping into the project without proper protection against the rain.