There are a lot of films and videos that are being posted and published daily. And since this is the case, you might think that a way to possibly set yourself apart from other filmmakers (and impress your audience at the same time) is through applying Lakeland drone videography to your videos. While this can set you and your video apart, this doesn’t completely make you unique.

The reason is that these days, filming footage using drones is becoming ubiquitous. With how versatile drones can be, a lot of people are inevitably starting (and some continuing) to mainly use drones to shoot for their videos and films.

This might not be much to think about now, but since Lakeland drone videography isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you can imagine how generic your shots can become in the near future.

How do you make your videos and films stand out from everyone else? How do you make that distinction? Check out the list below to find out more:

Use in moderation

Just like with everything else, drone shots are only great when used in moderation. With this in mind, you have to remember the reason why you’re using a drone to capture a particular shot in the first place.

As beautiful as they can be, drone shots are often overused. And at times they’re even used just for the sake of having a drone shot. As a result, it loses its charm and is just seen as excessive.

Smooth like butter

Nothing takes you out of a seemingly smooth shot more than a sudden shift of the drone’s camera. It’s quite understandable, you would like to capture more shots while your drone’s in the air, which is why its camera has now suddenly shifted from left to right.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing your audience the beauty of your location, however, this can be done more smoothly. This way, the drone shot will feel more natural and no sudden shifts of direction will distract them from whatever they’re supposed to watch.

One way to do this is by slowly coasting your drone along and have its camera follow the drone’s flight path. Through this, the shot will be much easier on the audiences’ eyes and will feel more organic.


By now, people are more than used to seeing and using Lakeland drone videography for establishing shots. Shooting an establishing shot involves getting an overlooking shot or a bird’s eye view of the location or characters.

One way to get an unusual establishing shot is by making your drone fly backwards! Instead of doing the usual establishing shot, you can fly your drone backwards so it actually looks like you’re revealing visual details to your audience in a much different way.