Not many people are fully aware of the amount of work that goes into the success of your Lakeland video production. But if you’ve ever worked on a production set, you can see all of the moving parts that work together to bring you the final video product that you see.

Out of all of the factors involved in a single production, lighting tends to be drastically overlooked by audience members. They readily compliment costumes, story, and acting, but lighting is something that industry professionals comment on.

But this plays a huge role in the overall visuals of your Lakeland video production. Read on to learn more about how to handle your production’s lighting.

Cutting light is just as important as adding it in

One of the biggest mistakes that any first-time videographer makes is the addition of as much light as possible to a scene. After all, the more light, the better, right? Otherwise, how are people going to see the scene?

However, one of the very first things that you need to learn is how to remove light, not just add it in. It’s important to learn how to do this, as cutting light is just as important as adding it in as this does a lot of the mood of a scene.

Lighting can say a lot about the quality of your production

One of the main reasons why lighting is so important to production is because of how audiences perceive the use of light in a video, even if they won’t come out and admit it.

The reality is that a video that has been properly lighted is seen as a higher quality video production compared to one that has not been lit properly. If audiences see right off the bat that your video isn’t lit properly, then they may not want to continue watching it to the end.

Lighting affects mood

Another reason why lighting is such an important factor in a Lakeland video production is the simple fact that lighting goes a long way in how it affects the mood of a video. Both lighting and music play equally important roles in how the mood of a particular scene is set up.

In fact, when done right, you can have an entire video without any dialogue and simply rely on good lighting and music to make create an emotionally charged video.

However, in order to get this right, you need to make sure that you are familiar with some of the basic concepts of lighting and how to use this effectively for your production.