Have you ever used a Lakeland video production to market your company’s products and services? Have you noticed how much easier it becomes for your business if you’ll only produce a video that can promote your many products? Don’t ever think that marketing videos are only for big companies and big brands.

If you haven’t explored the power of video productions for your company, you are missing out a lot of opportunities. The truth is, you don’t even have to produce a lengthy video as a promotional tool. Your video can be as short as 10 seconds, but the important thing is that it conveys the message you want your audience to hear.

Short videos are a thing now. You know how YouTube inserts five-seconder videos before the actual video? That’s an effective advertising tool. Even if you decide to click on the “skip ad” button, there is still a good chance you have seen about five seconds worth of the advertisement. This is enough time for a good advertiser to send a message across.

YouTube is not the only platform that uses short videos as promotional tools. We see these short videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, too. They are not exclusive to YouTube alone. It was only a matter of time, anyway, before social marketers realize the potentials and the power of short videos. And true enough, we now see short videos on a daily basis. The competition here is tough: the shorter your video is, the more effective it is (but only if it is done right). Remember, people are no longer patient enough to actually watch a full commercial and wait for the context to appear at the very end.

Even movie trailers use 10-seconder videos to tease their target market. The proliferation of short videos is on a different level right now and brands (may you be a big or small company) will do good if they can harness the power of short videos and use it to their advantage.

Short videos suit our busy lives and our brief attention spans. So many people right now don’t have the time nor the energy to watch full videos. And since we browse the internet on our mobile devices, short videos suit the browser better. We can view the Lakeland video production while we’re on our way to work or even during our break time.