Having a Lakeland video production company can be a little challenging these days because of the people’s access to smartphones and free editing tools on the internet. They think that they can do the videos themselves because it is easier done by millennials and others who are smart with their smartphones. What they don’t realize is that there’s more to making videos than just shooting random scenes on the street.

Focus on your potential market’s needs

What does your market need? What can you offer to them? Do they need a video to promote a business, a product, and a service? Do they use the videos to instruct a pre-defined target audience? Do they make use of the video to introduce their own skills? You have to answer what their needs are and make sure to focus your strengths on those. This will help them realize that they need you and not their own amateur skills.

Build an awesome portfolio

Your customers will ask for a portfolio. Make sure you have one to hand over. They will base their decisions on that portfolio because it will show them what you can and cannot do. You can only build a portfolio by doing projects that you are proud of, so always put pride in every little project you do, no matter how minor or big it seems at the time.

Offer live streaming services

You know what customers want these days? Live streaming. They want to know that something is happening right at the very moment they are watching it. They are not contented with simply watching a video that has been pre-taped. They want people to know what they are doing when they are doing it, and they want the same if they are the consumers. So, be prepared to offer live streaming services, so there is more to your portfolio than simply videos.

Focus on one client at a time

Even if you happen to be a big company with lots of workers, make sure that you have enough people to cover an entire project. Don’t divide your people to be able to accommodate more projects. In the end, this will only backfire because you will do substandard work on one or both of those projects. Focus on one project and give it your best shot. This is most important for those who are just starting in this business.

Be an expert on a particular niche

Are you good at creating commercials? Instructional videos? Testimonials? You need to carve your own niche and be the expert on that particular category. This will bring more customers to your business because they know they are getting the best in the industry.