Have you been a client of a photography and videography business yourself? Have you gone through the same questions we ask when we’re hiring someone to photography or take a video of us?

The first thing that people look for when searching for the crew who will take the photos and the videos is the quality of their work. That is why if you are running this kind of business in this cutthroat industry, it is vital that you focus on the quality of your work vis-à-vis those of your competitors.

First, you must be a cut above the rest and you must be able to showcase your skills and talents using social media’s most important output—videos. If you want to be noticed in this industry, your work should be out there, ready for people to discuss.

It should be shareable and you should definitely encourage your network to post your video on their news feeds, provided that it is properly credited. Almost immediately, you will notice a spike in the inquiries you receive about your services.

The second most important thing for clients is the respectability and the reputation of the service provider. How many of us have been fooled by well-known brands just because they are being endorsed by our favorite celebrities? Don’t be fooled by these household names.

Look for the respect that previous customers are giving that service provider. Look for clients like you and not celebrities and influencers who are being paid to say what they say. You will find out more about these service providers by talking to past clients and seeing their works.

Third, price your photography and videography services competitively but don’t be too expensive nor too cheap. Even with your friends, always ask them for a simple compensation.

You may not need the money, but your products and services will be cheapened by the thought of not paying for it. Ask your friends and family to help you determine how much you should charge per hour or per project.

Lastly, potential photography and videography clients want to deal with providers who are easy to talk with. Be someone who the clients can call instantly when there’s a problem.

Be the kind of service provider who responds to texts and calls. Customers want to be valued and they will feel that you care for them when they are given the proper venue to express their concerns and their grievances.