If you ever find yourself needing a few more customers as a videographer, you only need to turn to social media and upload your works.

Facebook and Instagram will literally do the work for you. After uploading some of your most amazing works and making sure that the information to contact you is visible to everyone, you will find your phones ringing nonstop.

This is true. Videographers make money off marketing themselves on their social media platforms. Where do you think they get their customers? Since this industry isn’t exactly friendly to the traditional forms of advertising, videographers must turn to social media to do the work for them.

Upload your portfolio

The first thing that potential clients want to see from a videographer is his previous and current work. Make it a priority to build a portfolio that can showcase your skills and talents.

This portfolio can get you an audience and therefore, a buildup of customers. Always be generous when it comes to uploading and sharing your portfolio on social media. You never know who might just find you.

Share your knowledge

Be absolutely cheap when it comes to sharing your knowledge to newbies or anyone seeking your help. Always be someone who’ll open the doors of opportunities for aspiring videographers.

Don’t just think of them as your future competitors. See them as people who want to emulate what you have done in the past. The only reason these newcomers will ask for your advice is that they respect you and your skills.

Answer queries and comments respectfully

Since you are a freelancer, you might not have your own crew or secretary until such time that you’re truly established. Clients will keep pestering you with questions.

Always be respectful when dealing with clients, even the most annoying ones. If they are inquiring about the products and services, send them your portfolio as well as the complete list of prices for each service.

Create exciting promos

If your clients are having a hard time remembering your company, you may want to create something that will stay with them. Create exciting and unique promotions, contests, and discounts. You can turn these into an actual program that people can watch.

The possibility of discounted products and services will always draw customers to your place. And remember to use social media for these contests. Basically, if it doesn’t exist on your Facebook page, most people will think you’ve closed or there is nothing new going on with you.