Having a video produced for your company is no cheap thrill. This isn’t something that you can just scoff at or that you can shrug off. Most companies pay thousands of dollars just to have a video produced to introduce a new product, concept, or service. That’s why it’s almost physically painful to see businesses being duped by Lakeland video production companies.

There are a number of reasons, of course, why some production companies choose to make businesses believe they can deliver the corporate videos they need. Videos are expensive to produce, and they almost always justify the cost that companies require from their clients. Businesses are so desperate to have a professionally-done corporate video that they agree to hefty price tags.

However, there are unscrupulous video companies out there that take the money out from your hands and give you something generic in return. That’s not what you paid for, and you should learn to have a voice in order to protect your investment. Here are three signs that it’s time to walk away from your video producer.

“We do a bit of everything”

What this means is the company does SEO work, videos, photos, graphic design, website design, etc. This is not the kind of company you want to produce your video. There is a good chance that it started as a company with one focus only, and then slowly incorporate everything because they are constantly being asked about it and they want to earn big bucks.

You want a specialized company that knows how to get to your intended audience.

“We are cheap”

They didn’t say they are of good value, right? They said they are cheap. The biggest mistake you can do in your business is to go along with a supplier just because they say they are cheap. Always look at the quality first before the price. Yes, you are on a restricted budget, but you also don’t want to waste your money on something that won’t work.

“We don’t have much samples for now”

Hopefully, this warning sign is enough for you to back away from this company. You need samples to decide if it is the right company for your business, and whether it can do the job right. Look for a Lakeland video production company that can show you samples of their work. Better yet, they should have a portfolio of every project they have done in the past.