A Lakeland videographer has many competitions. Since this is a thriving and booming industry, many are learning skills by themselves and even enrolling in universities to take classes that will hone their skills in videography. As a part of this industry, you want your name to be different. You want to stand out in the crowd of the same old videographers.

But how are you going to do that? What skills can you add to your portfolio to make yourself a standout?


Knowledge of video editing will come in handy for a Lakeland videographer. You can be the one to edit the videos and bring the clips together to come up with a compelling story captured on video.

Most videographers know how to edit their clips, but not many of their managers trust them to do it so they hire a separate editor to do this task. However, if you can prove to your company managers that you can do what other editors can do, they will gladly take your offer.

Sense of Music

A Lakeland videographer must be able to play music in his head as he shots videos of the event. Every video must be shot according to the part of the music you want to play it with.

This will make it easier for the editor to bring these clips together to form one cohesive message. The audio editor will also have an easier time choosing the music because you shot the video according to the beat of the music.

Visual Media

If you have experience working in visual media, you will have an easier time finding what shots need to be taken and how to angle your camera to get the best composition.

Visual media artists have eyes for details. They know if a subject must face the light or stand against it. They have a flair for the dramatic that enables them to create momentous images no other videographers can.


It would do you good if you know how to write a script. This will make you a more compelling storyteller. When you’re able to visualize a scene together with the dialogues that will be attached to them, you’ll have your edge over other videographers.

You can take a scriptwriting crash course in many universities and colleges. You only need a few weeks to learn the ropes and apply what you learned on your videography profession.