Lakeland video production is already representing about three-quarters of all internet traffic. The power of video is quite noticeable as virtually every company—from a startup to a huge organization—is using videos to market their products and raise brand awareness.

If you plan on producing a video for your marketing strategy, here are the five things you need to remember:

Be Original

The problem with most videos today is they all look the same. Do not slouch off and do effective research. This means studying your market, looking into relevant topics connected to your keyword, and checking if the competition has produced a similar Lakeland video production before. The worst thing that can happen in any marketing video is to look just like a copycat.

Plan It Carefully

The secret to a successful marketing video is to plan it—from the script to the storyboard to the shot list to the b-roll shots. Do you think writing a script for the video is just the same as a blog post? Think again. You need to imagine and recreate in your mind the exact scene so the script can fit it perfectly.

Choose Actors Wisely

Don’t hire the first actor who cared to audition for the job. Make sure you saw as many possible actors, so you can choose the right one for the job.

If there is time, set aside a few hours to have a run-through and work out any mispronunciations and discomfort in front of the camera.

If you have the budget for it, hire a semi-professional actor who will feel comfortable before the camera, can memorize the lines, will deliver the dialogue smoothly, and who isn’t stiff in front of the camera.

Mind the Lights

If possible, use the most natural lights you have access to. Be careful not to overexpose the images or have unwanted shadows. You can use a three-point lighting setup to illuminate video subjects from different angles.

Avoid Bad Audio Quality

Actually, avoid it like a plague. There is nothing worse than your video having poor sound quality. You can use a lapel or a lavaliere mic for sit-down interviews or a microphone and boom setups for bigger shots.

If you are going to use your smartphone to film the video, you can attach a professional microphone to your phone so it can capture audio more clearly. Always check if the Lakeland video production and the audio are in sync before the final rendering.