You may think it is easy to create a three-minute video resume talking about yourself. In fact, some people who stumbled upon this particular requirement hired a Lakeland video production to help sell themselves.

Isn’t it interesting to note that even in this day and age, when people have smartphones at their disposal, they still don’t have any idea how to film a three-minute short video? The truth is, it’s not the video per se that makes it difficult. It’s the thought of selling yourself and talking about your positive attributes and skills.

If you want to make a five-star video application, here are four tips you can apply:

Plan ahead

Don’t just film with the ideas in your head. Actually put them on paper and follow through them. You also have to consider what video format was required by the hiring manager. Also, would it be easier for you if a stranger or a friend interviews you? Maybe you want a voice over? Just choose something that will feel natural to you, no matter how unnatural it is for you to talk about yourself in a Lakeland video production.

Don’t just recite your resume

Some people do the mistake of reciting their achievements on their video resume. That is not the way to do it. Instead, use the video to highlight a special skill of yours. You can talk about a volunteer campaign you are active in, or something you are passionate about. You can show photos of what you’re doing for the community. This way, your potential employer will know you have great leadership skills.

Write a script

Because you are not a professional actress, you will sound and feel awkward in front of the camera. You may even forget what you are about to say. That is why it’s important for you to write down a script and follow its main points. You don’t have to read directly from it. It should act as a guide, so that you can check on it if you feel you have diverted from the main topic–which is selling yourself and your skills.

Make sure your video is clear and audible

There’s nothing more horrific than a grainy and inaudible video. You may be embarrassed to see yourself on video, but it’s important that you watch your own video resume. This will help you pinpoint the parts you have to edit out or change. If you have to retake the whole video, then do it. This is your dream job, and you have to make sure your video resume stands out.