There is a lot of misconception when it comes to the differences between photography and videography. For one, many people assume that the two are completely interchangeable, and if you need documentation for an important event, it’s enough to simply hire one out of the two. Some people may hesitate at the idea of hiring both, especially when they’re on a budget.

Whether you’re deciding whether to hire a photographer or a videographer for your wedding day, there are things that you have to consider, especially the distinction between the two. So to help you out, here are some key differences between photography and videography and what they can bring to your special day.

The approach of obtaining the photos or videos

When it comes to documentation, there are quite some differences between video and photo. When it comes to taking photographs, there is usually a lot of care and direction involved. The photographer will tell the subject of the photo to move her arm, or to expose the flowers a little better. These people should be arranged accordingly for balance, tilt your head back as though you’re laughing.

Wedding photos are heavily staged, as these are used to document the individual moments that are happening throughout the day. On the other hand, videography is usually more freeform and candid. The main role of the videographer is to capture the motions of what’s going on that day.

How a photo or video will be used to remind you of your special day

There is also a significant difference in how you use the end product from either a photographer or a videographer. With photos, you frame them up, or use them as your phone and computer wallpapers. These are long standing images that can be used to remember people by.

However, videos capture memories in the moment that they actually happen. Whether it’s your first kiss as a married couple, the first dance, or the father’s toast for the happy couple, these are memories that you can play back over and over again. It gives you the opportunity to relive the day the exact way it happened, with all the smiles and the laughter.

Still shots and moving footage

Obviously, one of the biggest differences between photography and videography is the fact that photography deals with still images, while videography deals with moving footage. There’s a lot of waiting involved when it comes to photography.

The photographer must wait for the right moment to take a photo, especially when they don’t have the opportunity to direct the shot. In videography, video is continuously shot until the videographer has literally hours of footage to edit into one compilation.