Do you have a business to promote, a product to sell, or a service to feature? All too often we are confronted with the need to sell our business through a Lakeland video production. Own a restaurant? How about a 30-seconder commercial on the new dishes you are promoting? No matter what kind of business you are running, you will benefit greatly from producing a video for it.

The thing with the internet and social media is that it has proven one theory: people have short-attention span. They want information, yes, but they want it fast and easy. You cannot expect consumers to spend more than five minutes watching a video or worse, more than 15 minutes of their free time reading an article on a news website. Saddening, yes, but it’s a fact that every advertising firm has learned to live with.

If you are new in promoting your business through the use of video, it is better if you can create something short. A sixty-seconder is the best, but a 90-second video wouldn’t be too bad. The sad thing is that most businesses don’t know this fact about videos they create for their companies. Most of them want longer videos, thinking they would get more value for their money when they hire someone to do a 30-minute video about their products and services. Sure, the videographer and the editor will do more for you, but it wouldn’t necessarily be better for your company.

Imagine yourself after a long day at work. You come home to find that your children has wrecked havoc in your house and you have to clean up after them. After putting them to sleep and having some time alone to browse the internet and your various social media accounts, you came upon an interesting video about, say, a vacuum cleaner… but lo and behold, it’s 15 minutes long! Why would a promotional video about a vacuum cleaner be 15 minutes long? Sure, there are so many cool features about this vacuum cleaner that are all hashed out in the video, but are you going to watch a 15-minute video after that long day you just had?

The answer is no. You do not have the time nor the energy to wait 15 minutes for the video to get to the point. You want a short video to explain these things to you: What can this new vacuum cleaner do? How much does it cost? Where can I get it? The shorter a Lakeland video production is able to answer these questions, the better chances your business will get.