PR companies swear by Lakeland video production as one of the important reasons why clients would love to sign up for their services. Using videos as a promotional tool will help boost and build the reputation of the client, as well as bring customers even to a failing business. By highlighting the positive aspects of the clients through a video production, the PR company could show the public what they are missing out by not supporting their client/s.


The most common way that a PR company uses videos is through commercials. They usually do this to introduce a product or a service, or to campaign for a politician. You might have noticed that during campaign season commercials about the “good deeds” of the candidates would be proliferated all over your favorite network. Campaign commercials are just one thing that PR agencies use videos for the advantage of their clients. They could use commercials to inform the public about certain personalities or businesses.

Product placements

Products can be introduced right in the film or the TV show itself. You see this all the time—actors and actresses mentioning the name of a product on TV. That is not usually the case because filmmakers are very careful about giving free advertisement to businesses by using their products in their films or TV shows unless, of course, they have been paid to do so. This is called product placement and it’s basically when products are used almost as a prop for a film, though the intention is to catch the public’s attention and focus it on the product or service.

Digital billboards

Gone are the days of still billboards. What we now have are digital billboards. It’s cheaper because you can advertise different products and services since digital billboards are able to play videos and moving objects. You are not locked on a singular graphic or photo. It’s the changing landscape of advertising that allows PR companies to put videos on just about anything—buses, trains, buildings, billboards, etc.

Viral videos on social media

Finally, one of the most challenging but rewarding things to do with videos is to make it viral. How do you do that? There should be a conscious knowledge of what the netizens want to see and watch. You should be in tuned with what’s the trend on Facebook, so that you will have the knowledge to create something that people would love to watch and share.