The Lakeland video production industry is one of the industries that has been hit the hardest by the pandemic. This is an industry that relies on face-to-face interactions to keep things running smoothly, and the safety guidelines put forth by the proper health authorities have hampered the ability to do this.

Now that restrictions are easing up, production companies are looking to get back on the field. So how are they managing to do this? Read on to learn more about the safety protocols employed by Lakeland video production teams to balance filming a project with the need to stay safe in the middle of the pandemic.

Minimizing person-to-person contact

The best way to prevent the spread of the infection is by making sure that you don’t come into contact with anybody who could be carrying the virus. Because of this, even with quarantine restrictions easing up, it’s still important for production teams to minimize person-to-person contact. Only film in person when it is absolutely necessary to do so and default to remote work for everything else.

Proper disinfection protocols

On days when you do need to film in person, it’s important to observe proper disinfection protocols so that there is no risk of transmission via the equipment that you use. It’s important to disinfect everything before and after use to be absolutely sure that it’s been properly disinfected. It would also do you good to put up disinfection stations so that everybody can clean their hands and equipment regularly.

Vigilant mask wearing

Of course, throughout the entire filming process, it’s important to wear masks at all times. A lot of the transmissions that occur tend to happen among families and friends. This is because people tend to let down their guards when they’re around their friends of families, so if someone is asymptomatic and they’re spending time with their loved ones, mask-wearing tends to be ignored, leading to higher rates of infection. It’s important to keep a mask on the entire time your filming so that you can guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

Providing the entire team with the resources needed for remote work

Because remote work is going to play a huge role in keeping your Lakeland video production team afloat, you have to make sure that everyone is adequately equipped. Invest in online collaboration tools and stronger online connections so that there are no problems for anybody when it comes to putting together the video through online tools and software.