When it comes to internal communication, there are a few methods you can try to educate and inform your employees. One of the very best uses of Lakeland video production is to create a gap between the employers and the employees. It is an effective, cost-conscious and versatile way to communicate with your workers.

Here are the top five ways you can use a corporate video for internal communication:

CEO messages

If you are part of a large corporation, you would notice that CEO-employees interaction is very minimal. Yet, a CEO shouldn’t be completely off the radar of his employees. In fact, he should still be as visible as possible, no matter how hectic his schedule is because this will build employee loyalty.

A CEO’s message to his employees can be broadcasted using a corporate video. Here, he can clearly state how much he knows about the company’s goals, prospects and challenges. He may directly communicate with the employees, so they will know they are worth the time for him, too. This is valuable instead of sending texts or emails, which may come from his secretary.

Corporate changes

Changes are always quite scary for employees. Whether it is good or bad, they cannot help but feel that they will be adversely affected. Luckily, you can address such fears through a Lakeland video production. Instead of the news coming from the rumor mill and speculations, you can tell your employees directly that they shouldn’t worry about the changes, and that it will all be for the good of the company and the people in it.

Progress updates

In order for your employees to feel like they are really part of the company, they have to know if you are reaching the goals you have earlier set for yourselves. Make a video to show them charts, pies, and graphs of your company’s progress. It will make the office feel more like a team and less like a place they have to drag themselves to. You can also explain your team’s current objectives, as well as the challenges that you face moving forward.


How do you train new employees? You can enter them in a training program where you’ll not only waste the new guy’s time, but your trainer as well. Or, you can let him/her absorb every little thing about the company through a video of your business’ history, mission/vision, corporate social responsibility, employee benefits, company policies, etc. This will ensure that all information is standardized.

Health and safety

Depending on where you are, employers are required to conduct health and safety seminars for their employees. That could easily drain your resources. Not to mention that it can take a lot of time to organize, logistically speaking. What you can do instead is to have a Lakeland video production that your employees can watch over and over, until there is only a need for a limited discussion among them.