Building a portfolio is one of the first steps you have to take when you want to become a videographer and profit from this skill or talent that you have. Once you have built that portfolio and are satisfied with it, it’s time to attract clients.

But yes, unfortunately, searching for clients and actually getting them to sign up with you is not as easy as it sounds. Because of the competition currently in the market, clients are hard to come by but that does not mean it is impossible.

Identify your clients

It is possible to market your services to a general audience, but it is better to have a particular client in mind. This means identifying your expertise and the skill level you have as a videographer.

For example, if you are formally an architect, this means that you have an eye for the structure of the building or a home. You may then target real estate companies and real estate agents who are looking to improve their own portfolios.

Create samples

Show the potential clients a killer collection of clips. Tease the clients with what you can do for their businesses. They need to understand that they need your talent and your skills to boost their brands.

When meeting with clients, make sure to bring samples of your work with you. You cannot market your services based on your words alone. You need to show these clients what you are capable of doing.

Attend events

There are many industry events happening around you. Look for one that interests you and you think would be attended by your target audience. If you want to find clients, you need to go out there and make yourself visible.

You need to approach people and strike up a conversation with them. Open up about your own business and invite them to your office to see your works.

Expand your network

Expanding your network is essential to marketing your business. Whether it’s using the traditional form of media or social media, you need to use every means at your disposal to succeed in this industry. You can join online groups and forums to connect with other videographers in the area.

You will learn a lot about the craft and the latest industry news. You will also be able to connect with their past clients if they are generous with sharing information about their clientele.