Aerial photography has been steadily growing in popularity the past few years, and is currently hitting an all-time high right now. Once you see its unique photo taking process, and unique results, it’s easy to see why.

While some people see it as a gimmick, you have to see the final product for yourself to form a valid opinion. Since more and more photographers are including aerial photography into their repertoires nowadays, you can see plenty of great examples of what a drone shot can look like in the hands of a professional.

This alone helps elevate the status of drones and the branches within it to a whole new level. If you’re interested, here are some examples of unique shots that you can get with aerial photography.

Simple and to the point – an elevated landscape

This is probably one of the most straightforward shots that you can make with aerial photography. It consists of an elevated view of a scene or landscape. It looks very similar to a shot that you can take with traditional photography, but the added height in the shot provides an entirely new layer of perspective to it. This shot can turn an everyday typical shot of a scene into something entirely different and intriguing.

The ever popular – high-angle bird’s eye view

This kind of shot must be one of the most popular kinds of shots that you see in relation to aerial photography nowadays. This consists of flying your drone overhead, and taking a shot of the scenery below.

The result is an entirely new, almost alien view of the landscape below. The wonderful thing about it is the resulting patterns and shapes that you observe as a result of it. You can take a picture of something mundane, like a cityscape, and turn it into something entirely amazing.

The ocean

The ocean by itself is always a pretty stunning view. If you throw in a drone into that mix, then you have an aerial photography shot that you’ll definitely remember. Since you can’t fly off into the ocean, you can use your drone to take unique ocean view shots.

Drone photography was invented for taking shots like these. Taking high angle shots of the sea at certain times of the day like sunset can really turn your photography into something special.


A classic in aerial photography, panoramic views are executed high up in the air, and are akin to the next level of an elevated landscape. Suited for perfectly lit moments, like sunrise, you can take in the entire landscape with your drone.