If you’ve done your research for corporate video, you might find that some people are actually against the idea of having a corporate video done for their company marketing. This can be attributed to the idea that company videos tend to be boring, and add nothing of value to the company.

However, you should know that if done right, a corporate video can be a huge asset to your company, and can help your business with a variety of things, from marketing to recruiting and human resources. It’s all a matter of how you execute the video, and what you do with it. If you’re still unsure, here are some good reasons why you need a corporate video for your business.

Connect with users better

The great thing about using a corporate video is that it’s easier for you to connect with your audience better through video. Because of its easy to understand format, it’s easier for audience members to relate with you and your company through your video. Relating with your audience is a great way to increase customer interest, as well as customer loyalty.

Helps people understand more about your products and services

Video is widely known as a tool that can be used to help convey plenty of information in an easy manner and in a shorter amount of time. If your business deals with products and services that require some more explanation, you can make use of your corporate video to help your audience understand it further.

Take care to make sure that you don’t make your video too technical, as this is what gives plenty of company videos the reputation for being dull and dragging. Explain the terms in such as way that the average lay person can understand.


Another good reason why a corporate video is great for your company is because it’s good for your online SEO. Search engines, and Google in particular, likes videos because of its ease of communication and interaction with online users. Upping your SEO can help drive more traffic and revenue towards your website, which would be great for your business.

Easier marketing and wider reach

Almost everyone has some form of social media nowadays. With this knowledge in mind, a big reason why a corporate video is great for your company is because of how easy it is to share a video with your audience. In turn, it is just as easy for them to share your video with their online friends and followers. It’s very easy for your video to reach a wider audience in a short amount of time because of the power of social media.