To be honest, photography and videography are two of the more underrated industries out there. Photographers and videographers who put their work up online sometimes have their work miscredited and sometimes stolen by people on the internet.

Added to this, when there are people seeking their professional services, there are some people out there who are hesitant about paying photography and videography companies the fees that they quote. Some people say that they don’t want to pay for something that they can do with their own phones, while others prefer going with an amateur who is highly likely to charge much less.

You have to understand that you’re paying for so much more than just someone to take pictures and video for you. Here is a guide to help you understand the costs of hiring a professional for you photography and videography needs.

There’s more to photography and videography than pushing a button on a camera

When you hire professionals to handle your photography and videography needs, it can be easy to see the surface of what their work entails. You only see them pushing the buttons on their cameras and following everybody around.

However, you have to understand, that the work that they do is much more than what you see on the surface. After everyone has packed up and gone home, these professionals are staying up, editing their shots to make sure that everything comes out as intended.

There’s also travel costs and time to consider, as well as the set up of equipment. Basically, there’s plenty of work that goes into simply taking that one photo or video.


Another reason why photography and videography is so expensive is because of the gear they use. You may be thinking that the camera doesn’t determine the quality of the shot, the photographer or videographer does.

However, these professionals do need a decent quality camera in order to do the kind of work that their clients expect from them. In addition to that, they have to pay for lenses, lights, flash, memory cards, as well as the software that they’ll need to actually edit those shots. It adds up.

Experience and quality

In the end, one of the biggest things you’re paying for when you hire professionals for your photography and videography is the experience and quality that they bring to the table. While you probably have a friend who’s kid can probably do it for a fraction of the cost, the quality won’t be the same.

Do you want your special events immortalized in blurry, off-center shots, or in crisp, professional grade shots? You choose.