Ever since videos came into the social media scene, we can’t help but think of ways how to make Lakeland video production more accessible for us. Not only are companies retaining the services of production houses, so they can call them anytime an idea hit them, but they are also thinking about the benefits of having an on-site video studio right in their offices.

And why not? When you have a marketing department solely intended to think of strategies to increase the presence and attention your business generates, an on-site studio would help you. How? Every time there’s an idea that pops in your head, you can test how it would look and feel like in a video. Sure, it’s not the same as the ones professionally made by production agencies, but you’ll have an inkling whether to push for it or not.

Quality video and audio

If you don’t have a dedicated studio for your advertising department, there’s a good chance they’ll try out shooting a commercial, too. But they would have to do it in whatever available space there is in your office. The quality of the video and audio will suck and they won’t have any idea if they did it right or if it’s merely the video and audio quality that’s problematic. There is no surefire way to test the project and the owner may approve something that won’t be useful in the least.


Not only will it be easier for your employees to shoot whatever it is they want, you can also rent out this studio to your neighbors. If an office near you needs a space to shoot an infomercial, they can rent your studio for an hourly fee. That’s a profit you are not expecting, right? Whether you charge them or not, what’s important is that you are able to meet people from other businesses and other walks of life. You will get a good sense of what they think about your business or the community where you are. That’s an unexpected strategy to expand your network.


If you have an open space setup in your office, you won’t have the privacy you need if you either need to shoot a scene or need to do a teleconference. A studio can act in multiple purposes. It can act as an office, too, a quiet space when you need to do something that does not require everyone to tune in.