If you create a Lakeland video production, don’t expect it to suddenly get more views once you upload it on YouTube. It takes time and the right meta tags to get more views for your videos. Moreover, you can’t simply sit back and watch the view count go up. You have to do your part, too, as the video’s uploader. Simply put, boosting the video views is not going to be a walk in the park. You have to be willing to do the work.

So, why can’t your videos be found on the search results? Why aren’t they appearing before your possible viewers? And why are viewers, when they do find it, not clicking on the link?

You Are Not Using the Right Video Tags

People can’t find your stuff on YouTube because they are not tagged well. There are four techniques for tagging your videos correctly. First, you can use default tags for all your uploads. The default tags should be consistent from video-to-video. Second, use also specific keywords first because YouTube places more weight on those first keywords in the meta tag. Use compound keywords but leave out these words: in, of, and, etc. because YouTube ignores them anyway.

Third, misspell words on purpose because people often make mistakes in spelling so you might as well appear on that search result, too. Lastly, put generic keywords such as how-to, tutorial, and vlog. Make sure these tags are applicable, too. Don’t just put them there to get more views.

You Are Not Targeting the Right Audience

You’ve made a good video about gaming. Obviously, this content is for gamers. If you share that content with your friends and their network—who are not gamers—why would you think that your videos are going to get shares, likes, and comments? You should look for where your supposed readers are hanging out. Are they in an online forum somewhere? Then, you should go there and post a link to your Lakeland video production.

Your Video Is Not Optimized for Sharing

How can your video go viral if it’s not great for sharing? Sure, your family and friends might share the video, but up to how many people will that accomplish to reach? Viewers should be persuaded to share your videos because there’s something there that they want to share with their network. Make sure that the video is optimized for sharing. There should be social media buttons on the screen, so viewers can share it anytime they want. There should also be a call-to-action to push viewers to the right direction.