How often do we see different celebrities and personalities endorsing products and services? Often enough that we begin to believe it is a norm to have celebrities in a Lakeland video production. But the truth is, a promotional video used as a tool to engage customers can survive without the presence of celebrities and well-known personalities in your area.

Sure, a celebrity would help your cause—to persuade people to check out what your company has to offer and perhaps, to follow that celebrity’s decision to use the same products and services from your shop. The problem with this method is that sometimes, it is not worth your money. Local celebrities such as your football quarterback or your cheerleading team or your beauty queen may have to require you to provide a certain payment for their services. Aside from that, you would also have to give them a free sample of your product or a lifetime subscription to your service.

Here’s the thing about using local celebrities: not everyone knows them. Sure, your co-workers and a portion of your family tree may know who the quarterback is from the local college, but your grandparents might not be interested enough to know who he is and why he is important to the community. They may be busy watching Wheel of Fortune or some other game show on TV to bother with local celebrities.

You see, local celebrities do not have the same charm as national celebrities. It would be nice to have them endorse your company if it is for free or if you have to shell out just a tiny portion of your capital investment. But, if you have to commit to a yearly supply of your product or your service, that might not be cost-efficient at all.

In fact, if you have a Lakeland-based company, there’s a good chance the community will support your business even if it is not being endorsed by a local celebrity. If you are gunning to be known in the national arena, then all the more that you don’t need local celebrities to endorse your business. After all, they are local celebrities. Local. No one knows who they are in the national arena. If you have the money for it, hire someone who everyone knows in America. That’s a good value for your money.

Otherwise, if you could not afford someone more well-known than a local sports hero, then you’re better off investing your money in a Lakeland video production company that will use techniques rather than personalities to get your business off to a great start.