If you have a business and a number of employees that you are managing, you might want to include the use of corporate video in the way you engage and interact with your customers and your employees.

However, having a production house in the retainer can be expensive, as well as hiring one every time you need a video produced. Of course, you always want to give your employees the opportunity to be creative and shoot their own videos.

You may want to invest in a video production laboratory in your own office space. All you need to do is provide a small space where they can shoot videos without interruption. A small enclosed space is enough for you and your employees to be creative around the camera.

Basic equipment

Aside from a small space in your office, you would need to invest in basic camera equipment. That means choosing a professional-level video camera or even a simpler one that could capture images and videos clearly.

You would also need lights, audio equipment, and other tools that will equip your employees with the necessary tools to create a stunning and well-composed video production.

Cameras are not exactly cheap, however, and you may have problems at the beginning because people are not used to dealing with professional cameras.

What you can do at first is to let your employees use their own smartphones to make videos and use the lights and sound equipment in the lab. You would need to hire someone that can teach them the basics of using a professional video camera and how to work the lenses.

Once they are equipped with the knowledge how to use the camera and how to make their own videos, then you can let them access the video equipment you have installed in the lab.

Editing software

Finally, you also have to deal with your need for an editing software for your corporate video lab. You may not need the professional equipment that editors use to cut and splice videos, but a good software will go a long way towards achieving the goals of your video output.

Adobe Premiere is the most capable editing software currently in the market. However, it is not exactly user-friendly and you would need basic knowledge of editing to navigate around the program.

What you can do is, again, hire someone who can teach basic and advanced editing knowledge. This will equip your employees with the knowledge to edit the videos and make great outputs.