If your business is struggling, it’s probably because your target audience is not aware that you exist. If you are confident with your products and services but just can’t seem to attract customers to your online store, the reason could be what’s not on your website. Do you have Lakeland video production there? Do you have engaging material on your site that will make web visitors want to stay? Because really now, if you are still under the impression that videos are for bigger companies, then you don’t deserve your spot on the search engine results.

Make People Aware Effectively

Video makes people aware of a brand more effectively than any other medium. A study found out that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. That’s how powerful and impactful these videos are. It doesn’t matter what industry you came from. Your customers are bound to love videos more than read a blog post.

In an email marketing campaign, including the word video on the subject line will increase the open rates by as much as 19%. Marketing experts refer to the video as the one medium that has the highest return on investment.

Analyze Online Behaviors

There’s no other medium in the world that will allow you to dig deeper into the online behaviors of its viewers. Videos do that. A recent study said that people’s online attention span is not at eight seconds. This means that you only have to blink to attract your audience. While that is pressuring video creators, that’s also an incredible opportunity that you can’t miss. What other medium can compete with that?

With blogs, the readers have to consciously open the link and scroll down the page to finish the article. Video has more advantages in terms of social media platforms like Facebook auto-playing them. The audience will be hooked without them knowing.

Reach Out to All Audiences

Every business has more than one type of target audience. Videos can either be long format or short format. It can target multiple markets with a short-format video while the long-format ones will be targeted to a specific audience. What’s common with your audience is they all love videos. Whether they want it short or long, they’ll agree that they’ll rather watch than read.

Raise Chances of Going Viral

There’s no other medium on the internet that is shared as much as Lakeland video production. The more engaging your videos are, the better their chances of going viral. And that’s because of the way your viewers talk about and share the video. Your video can reach an audience you don’t know is also interested in your business.