Drone photography has been making its own mark in the world of photography. Plenty of films and other forms of media have begun to incorporate drone photography and videography into their productions, as this lends a unique perspective to the scene.

Drones have become popular with travellers as well, as these can be used to capture sceneries and landscapes that would have been impossible to get using traditional means of photography. As great as drones have been for the media industry, they are capable of providing more than just an additional creative medium for photographers and videographer all over the world.

As drone technology has become more sophisticated, so has the uses for these. Here are some unique uses for drones that people have discovered aside from drone photography.


Drones have been a big part of the Agriculture industry of Japan for about thirty years now. Because of their ability to maneuver around quickly, they have been used to perform tasks like spraying pesticides.

They can accomplish these tasks quickly without any problems, and have also been used to survey and monitor the field for any diseases or issues that might be affecting the quality of the yielded crop. This results in a better quality and higher abundance of crop.

Search and rescue

Search and rescue operations, especially ones that are carried out in forest land or somewhere equally difficult to maneuver through traditional means, are easily carried out by drones.

Using traditional means of search and rescue like air helicopters and ground searches take up too much time that rescuers don’t have, and can potentially place the rescuers’ lives at risk. A drone equipped with the right gear can survey an entire area in a shorter span of time, which can helps significantly with search and rescue operations.

Wildlife preservation

Because of its ability to cover large surface areas, drones are also being used to monitor wildlife in their natural habitat and other tasks, like surveying a certain area of land. Because they’re small, drones can be used to observe wildlife in their habitats without startling them, which may disrupt their natural behaviors.

These can also be used to survey dense areas, like jungles and forests, which may be too dangerous to survey from the ground. Drones can also be used to provide surveillance against poachers, who intend to harm near-extinct animals for profit.

Overall, while drones are commercially popular for drone photography and videography, there is so much more than can be done with drones. And as drone technology still continues to evolve, so does the many uses and applications of drones in other industries.