Drone videography is something that plenty of professional photographers are starting to get into. Because of its unique end shots and beautiful scenes, more people are choosing drones as their primary documentation method for their events.

One industry that seems to have really latched on to the drone videography rage is the wedding industry. More and more couples have warmed to the idea of having their wedding and pre-nuptial shoots done with drones.

And those photographers who do it well come up with footage and shots that looks amazing, and end up being a memento that they want to hold on to for the rest of their lives.

However, if you hire a drone videography company on top of a traditional videography company, you might find yourself lacking in budget, and you might be questioning whether or not you need a drone videography pilot for your wedding.

To help you out, here are some pros and cons for comparison to help you decide if you need drone services for your wedding documentation.


A wider scope

The great thing about using drones for weddings is that it gives you a wider view of the entire ceremony. Especially for weddings that are held outdoors, drones can take in the entire crowd and view with no problem. If you used traditional photography in your wedding, this type of shot would be difficult to achieve.

Beautiful creative shots

We’ve talked about how drone services offer a unique perspective on typical scenes and landscapes. Another great thing about using drone services for documentation is the range of creative shots made available to the photographers. You can use the crowd and the scenery to your full advantage when using drones, and pull off stunning shots with very little problems.

No distractions

One of the biggest issues with traditional photography is that someone will always get in the way when you’re trying to get a good shot. Since you have the advantage of an aerial view, those issues are all but forgotten.


Most drones have to be operated outdoors

One of the biggest cons of using a drone is that its full range of creative ability can only be unleashed outdoors. It’s pretty difficult to maneuver a drone indoors, as there are more obstacles that it can accidentally get tangled up in.

The weather might put a damper on things

Another big issue that you might have to watch out for with drone videography is that you rely entirely on the weather to predict the success of your shots. And if it starts raining, you might as well pack up then and there, as the sensitive equipment doesn’t take too well to being exposed to moisture.