If you were to compare the very first film that was ever made to one of the films that have been produced this year, you might as well expect a very long list. And if you were to compare the different equipment filmmakers have used to shoot each film, another list might be expected again. From silent films to Lakeland drone videography, merely proclaiming that the ways of filmmaking have shifted would be an understatement.

If you think about it, it is such a privilege to live in the present, and therefore, be able to witness the unbelievable improvement of filmmaking and filmmaking technology over the years. It’s amazing to think about how filmmakers used to record very short black-and-white silent films, done with a single shot from a steady camera.

Compare that to the present, where people can easily film with a variety of gadgets such as drones and action cameras, or even with their own smartphones, and they can all produce high-quality videos, with both color and sound included.

You might think that this is it. Filmmaking technology has reached its peak and everything stops here. With all the upgrades that have been applied, surely the peak must have been reached by now. However, as time moves forward into the future, its progression just doesn’t seem to stop and things are still being improved.

You’re probably wondering: What else is there for filmmaking technology to upgrade? And how does this affect filmmaking in general? If you want to find out, read more below:

Filmmaking gear for smartphones

The concept of documenting and shooting an entire film using only a smartphone may seem like an unlikely scenario to you. However, that’s actually already been done and it’s been proven that phones have undergone a lot of improvement that filmmakers can record high-quality footage with them. Taking this into account, several types of filmmaking gear that would further help the smartphone filmmakers have already been produced and are being sold.

Want a new clapboard? 3D print one!

That’s right, ever since printing technology has been developed and now we’re able to perform 3D printing, it really is possible to create anything! Okay, maybe you shouldn’t start planning to print an entire film camera just yet, but thanks to 3D printing filmmakers have a chance to save money. Instead of buying a small, expensive piece of equipment as a replacement, they now have a chance to print one instead!

Independent drones

As if drones on their own aren’t impressive enough! At the moment, filmmakers are currently the ones controlling the drones in order to film their Lakeland drone videography. This means having to be familiar with how to control the drone’s flight, as well as knowing the camera movement. As you can imagine, this can be quite complicated.

However, the future for Lakeland drone videography would be even more impressive, as these developed drones are expected to have built-in knowledge. That means they can avoid obstacles on their own while shooting footage and applying filmmaking techniques at the same time.