Instructional videos are the most effective type of Lakeland video production. It shows how a product is to be used or how a product can help the customer do his daily chores. It basically highlights why a potential consumer needs to purchase the product and how it can help make his life easier.

What we see on Shop TV these days is pretty simple. At least one person will show you how a titanium non-stick pan, for example, will work wonders and how it is different from all the other non-stick pans you have in the kitchen. Usually a woman (when the product is from the home category) will show you how she cooks eggs, meats, and even sugar on the pan without them sticking to it.

But after seeing all these infomercials, we got tired, too, don’t we? We want something fresh, something that will wow us. Here are some tips on how to make your instructional videos more effective:

Use graphics

So many videos today are focused on the talking head (the host) without realizing that some people are more visual than auditory. This means, they would like to see on the screen the highlights of what the host is saying rather than simply listening to it. Use graphics and even animation to flash the words on the side of the screen. Rather than simply flashing the phone numbers in huge red fonts, you can also use that space on the screen to highlight what the features of the product are.

Follow the product

These instructional videos are supposed to show potential clients how to use a certain product. If the cameraman keeps on pointing the camera on the face of the host, then we’d rather watch a talk show than an instructional video. Who cares about who’s talking unless he/she is a well-known celebrity? Focus the camera on the products and how they are functioning. You’ll see a spike on the interest of the viewers because they can see with their own eyes how a certain product can help them.

Make the setting livelier


Don’t you always get bored and melancholy at the way TV shopping is being directed? The production design is too boring and too lifeless. Why can’t we have a kitchen setup that is kind of like the ones we see on Food Network? There’s a reason why we can watch Food Network for hours and it’s not all about the food being cooked. The setups are livelier. The hosts share more of their experiences.