A Lakeland video production has many uses. It sounds a little bit weird having to say that because we all know how videos are integrated into our everyday lives. We see it every single day—on our Facebook feeds, on the homepages of our competitors’ websites, on emails… all over the internet. It is present everywhere and it makes for a compelling reason why we need videos incorporated on how we attract customers to our business, as well as how we manage the business and our employees.

Create a physical space for video production

If you don’t have an in-house studio in your office yet, you better work to having one fast. A studio would open up a world of possibilities for you and your team. A designated studio would make making a video easily accessible for your employees. It doesn’t have to be a big space. All you need is a small room, some lights, a camera, a couple of backdrops, and a simple editing software.

Assign a video advocate

It is very unlikely that your team is contrary to the idea of using videos for your company. All indications point to people being open to videos and understanding how it can benefit communication, workflow, etc. However, it would help if there is someone in your company who can teach the others how to use the studio, how to set things up, and how to create a video that would be beneficial for everyone.

Make video a requirement for employees dealing with customers

Any employee who faces a customer on a regular basis should have a video signature at the end of his/her email. Instead of a simple email signature, your employees could create a short video clip of themselves introducing who they are and what they do for the company. This makes any correspondence with a customer more personal, creating an opportunity to reel in that customer.

Create an inter-company contest

In order to build a video culture in your company, you should encourage your employees to create more videos and use these videos for the good of the company. You can create an inter-company contest where everyone can create a video using their smartphones. The best video would win cool prizes and maybe a rest day?

Use video to communicate internally

There are several ways you can use videos to communicate with your employees. Use videos to make small announcements or to keep everyone informed about the goings-on in your company. If you are offsite, you can use video conferences as a way to speak with your employees.