If you ever find yourself in limbo about how to approach your class, you may need to check out the benefits of having a Lakeland video production. These educational videos can help your students understand the concepts and processes better. These will also lessen and ease the burden on you when you are simply boxed out in the corner with nowhere to go.

Videos use the primary senses of sound and sight. The models of multi-modal learning and dual-coding theory will tell you that people can communicate better when they use visual and sound simultaneously. They are more focused on the discussion as well as the person discussing when they there is something to see and something to hear.

Since videos greatly increase the retention of information, these are now being used in classrooms not only all around America, but around the world, too. Students can now better understand concepts and theories when these are explained to them in video form.

Videos can also explain the “why” of a concept, rather than simply stating the “what” of it. For example, you want to explain to your students the concept of diving. Instead of simply telling them that holding their breath while ascending may be critical to their health, a video can show what happens to their body when they do so. Students can better understand the explanation through this method instead of listening to the teacher tell them what to do and what not to do.

There are many examples of educational videos. These are: remote online classroom instruction, animated explainer videos, online courses with video lessons, video lesson series, how-to training videos, webinar informational videos, and student “show and tell” videos. These are just some of the types of videos you can choose to employ in your classroom.

Out of all of these, the how-to training videos are most useful when explaining a concept or a theory. Allowing the students to see what should be done and how it should be done will let them understand it more. Also, they are most capable of comprehending the concepts and theories when they can see how these work.

Truly, in this day and age, even the instructional processes and methods have changed. Thanks to the advent of technology, even the classroom setting has changed drastically. Before, it will all boil down to how students can listen and learn at the same time. But now, we need Lakeland video production to retain information and introduce concepts.