So you’re a part of your company’s social media/marketing team, and you keep an eye out on all the latest trends to help boost your company’s page. You may have noticed how well a professional video production strategy does in terms of marketing, and social media engagement.

However, when you bring up the idea to your boss or higher management, they shoot the idea down, stating that there’s no point in wasting time on something that might just be another expense. You can’t fault your boss for thinking like that, after all, you company has never used a video production as a part of your marketing strategy, and there’s no way of guaranteeing if it will work or not.

However, this isn’t a sign for you to simply give up. You know that your boss is a rational person, they simply need the facts to know if this will actually work or not. So here are some things that you can put together and do further research on that help prove that a good video production strategy is needed by your company.

Great ROI

One of the biggest concerns for companies when they try out new marketing strategies or anything new that supposed to benefit the company, is the cost of everything. No matter how great of an idea it might be, if it’s difficult for the company to get their return on investment (ROI) on it, then to them, that strategy holds no value for them.

Gather research and facts from the industry that prove that a professional video production strategy has a really high ROI, especially in terms of user engagement and getting more users.

They’re great for user engagement

Video is one form of visual content that users appreciate more, especially on social media. These help in explaining concepts, conveying information, or providing simple entertainment to users. The great thing about utilizing social media as a form of user engagement is how extensive and comprehensive their analytics are.

With video, you can see how many people have viewed it, how many have shared it, how many from each demographic have viewed your video, etc. These analytics help you observe how well your video is doing, and what you can do to tweak your video production strategy.

Make sure you do research on the types of video strategy that others in the industry are doing

When showing your boss the benefits of a great video production strategy, it’s very important that you show them some examples that other companies in the industry. While it’s not necessary to copy their strategies, it would be a good place to begin with, when you begin formulating a good video production strategy.