When you want to sell something, whether it’s a business or your personal brand, your primary focus should be the quality of your video content. The perception is that when your Lakeland video production has quality content, it speaks a lot about the quality of what your business or personal brand is offering, too. Now, researchers may be wrong about this, but if there’s one thing that can be proven, it’s this: perception is reality.

Why do you think social media have become synonymous to brand and reputation? You sell yourself on social media. You think of yourself as a brand and how you want your friends to perceive you. That’s why many people take great heights just to be able to post something on Facebook. They max out their credit card so they can go to Maldives. They shy away from responsibilities, so they can eat out and hang out with friends. Are these stories new to you?

This is the same way we should think about the content of a business’ video production. As a brand, how do you want to sell yourself or your business, for that matter? Your video should have a good narrative to tell. There should be a story to it even when you’re simply selling a vacuum cleaner. If you notice, many commercials would begin with a premise—a housewife exhausted from all the house cleaning, for example. And then suddenly, she has a savior—a vacuum cleaner that can do all things!

This storyline is not exactly a solid one. It may even be outdated or passé. Infomercials continue to use the same narrative because it still works. Yes, even in this age of social media and rapid information, the narrative that works is probably still the same—a company arriving to save the day.

If you don’t have a good narrative to sell, you may as well kiss your video goodbye. Even if you use the latest technology, it wouldn’t matter much if your customers couldn’t connect with what you want to tell. Your video should be able to get their attention the moment it starts. You have less than three seconds to do that. If you don’t have a good narrative, you will find it harder and harder to make this strategy work.

A reputable Lakeland video production can help you on this quest. If you are willing to invest in your company and your personal brand, have a look at what it being offered professionally. Most video production houses can do end-to-end services, meaning the provision of quality content.