Here’s the thing about Lakeland video production: if you’re not willing to invest in it, it might be better to let it go altogether. Researchers have found out that grainy and poor quality videos can even damage your brand, so it means not any video will just do for promotional materials online. This is the reason why professional video producers have been so in-demand lately: there is a big need in the market for professionally-done videos that can advertise and promote a business and its services and products.

A study in 2013 actually found out that 62 percent of consumers will likely have a negative view of a company that uses poor quality videos as advertising material. Since then, this number would have gone up obviously. The same study said that 57 percent will not share a poor quality video and 23 percent would hesitate to purchase anything from the brand.

Another research said that 90 percent of the consumers value video quality, HD quality in particular.

As a business owner, you have to demand for broadcast-quality for your video production. That means that the video and audio should both be high quality. It cannot be the video or the audio alone. It has to be both of these things. In fact, for many people, the audio is more important than the video, meaning your focus shouldn’t only be on what you see but on what you’re hearing also.

But technical standards are not your only focus. The creativity and originality of the content should also be in focus. Every video production should be carefully scripted and produced. The company you hire should be able to create a high-quality video and audio with carefully-thought-out content and design.

Your video, plus your content, should be looked as an extension of your brand. If you want your brand to have some exclusivity to it, you should make sure that your video says so through the content and the overall look of it. But if it’s okay with you that your brand is “cheerful but cheap or affordable,” then a grainy or poor video quality might work, too. That’s why, if you notice, TV shopping videos have low quality. They are, after all, selling what’s cheap. They do not need to wow audience with high definition videos. A low quality one will do the same—sell the products and services to their audience.