The days of the cheesy infomercial videos are done. Nowadays, if you want to attract customers to your business, you need to create witty and engaging Lakeland video production. These will attract their attention, and will probably create more business for you.

While there is no exact formula how to create a successful video, there are some things you can follow to ensure that you’ll follow the best examples. Here are the five rules to create an engaging and pleasing corporate video:

1. Make it short and sweet
People have short attention spans, and the advent of technology made that attention span even shorter. What can you do? You need to create a short and sweet video. Every second of the video is important, so it means that you should make the most out of it. Studies have actually shown that only 30% of YouTube users don’t skip the advertisements in the beginning. Don’t waste time getting to the main point. Skip dilly-dallying and just get to the point.

2. Use humor
If it is advisable and it suits the story of your video, use humor. This will attract the customers more, and it will make the video more engaging. Humor has two purposes in a video: to give the viewer quality content, and to avoid looking like a salesman. You should aim to tell the customer to “buy our product” without being direct. You should be able to clothe this message in another cool dialogue.

3. Focus on the customers’ problems
Customers will choose to buy your products only if it solves one of their main problems. Focus on these problems and make a sell about how your product or your service can solve it. This is useful because of simply highlighting the features of the product, you can discuss with the customer about their problems and how your product can solve them.

4. Have a call-to-action
It’s not enough to have an engaging video, for it to be humorous, and have catchphrases. You have to include a call-to-action by the end of the video. This will let customers know what they can do and how they can take advantage of the information you have given them.

5. Use the whole process
You think you can have a good script without the proper execution? Or do you think you can get a good director without a talented actor? You need to complete the whole process to make your video successful. That means incorporating the proper script with the visual effects.