When we talk about Lakeland video production, we only remember that we need it to establish our corporate profile or to promote the products and services we are offering as a business. What we don’t remember is that there are many other uses to corporate videos, and that they are not contained on merely advertisement or promotional tools.

Instead, corporate videos combine all the essentials of a good advertising strategy—there’s audience impact, accessibility, call to action, and an appeal to one’s desires, among others. You cannot can corporate videos and think that it’s merely to let the community know that “hey, there’s a new kid in town.”

Nope, corporate videos go way beyond that. Here are five other uses of Lakeland video production:

Customer testimonial

What do you do before you buy a product or subscribe to a service? You ask your friends and family for recommendations, right? Instead of having to wait for their answers, the customer testimonials can answer your questions. Now, you can engage your potential audience and convince them to buy your products without the need for you to pay off celebrity endorsers. Your past customers, provided they were really satisfied with your products/services, can give you good testimonial reviews.

Internal communication

This is where a company officer usually addresses the camera to talk with customers, employees, or vendors. He/She may announce a new corporate policy or other internal communication. While we usually send emails and memos in the office, this is another way to reach out to the other levels in the company. If your audience is your client, this can be an effective way to introduce a new product or service.

Staff training

Your employees should continue learning and growing with the company. You can provide training videos (which you can purchase from everywhere) and ask them to view it on their free time. You can even allot a day for your staff to watch the training.

Talent recruitment

A corporate video like this is specifically designed to attract a group of people with a particular set of skills. This makes it easy for the HR department to find the right people for the job.

Event documentation

When you see cameras roaming around during Christmas party, annual corporate stockholders’ meeting, and other corporate events, do you wonder what they are for? These videos document the milestones of the company, so they can present them to the public when the time is right.

Conferences and seminars

Most companies have an advocacy, a social corporate responsibility. Whether it’s about the environment or about alleviating hunger and poverty, companies usually conduct seminars and conferences about this. They can stream these to their clients and other stockholders, so they know what the company is up to.

Creative alternatives

There are still other ways to use Lakeland video production for the benefit of your company. You can produce an animated film or a video of infographics relating to your company’s mission and vision.