Not so long ago, real estate companies think twice before hiring an aerial photography expert to take photos of their properties, whether residential or commercial.

After all, even if they manage to see the scope of the property, it doesn’t possess much marketing value. Where will these photos be used? In posters and billboards only? The cost of producing this without the drone technology is too much for advertising purposes.

But now that the drones are here and social media have become prevalent, it has never been more important and beneficial for real estate companies to hire an aerial photographer and take stunning after stunning photos of their property.

Scope and features of the property

The bird’s eye view of the property is good for promotion. It shows the surrounding elements such as a body of water, the main highway, parks, markets, and many others.

When buying a property, the buyer does not only want to see the property itself but the surrounding environment, too.

An aerial photo will also show the scope and size of the property. This is particularly important if the company is selling a commercial lot. The investor or the potential buyer needs to see the size and the shape of the property so he can build his ideas around it.


It is also important for the real estate companies to show the delineation of the property line. Where does it begin and where does it end?

These land limits will allow the investors or potential buyers to realize what they build on the property. It will also show them what kind of environment surrounds the property and how they can go about building or not building the walls to limit trespassing.

Virtual tours

Thanks to aerial photos, your potential buyers can now take a virtual tour of the property. If you’re selling to someone who has no time to see the property in real life, an aerial photo will allow him to have an idea of where the property stands and where it is located.

It will also show him what kind of environment will his house or business be in if he builds on that property. A drone can also take photos of the house’s interior so you can take your potential buyer on a tour of each room.

All you need to make an astounding photo slideshow is a bit of music and professional voice over talent that explains each of the rooms shown in pictures.