If you are doing anything beside a testimonial and an inter-company communication Lakeland video production, it is more likely that you’ll be needing the services of professional actors. But these are not the only reasons to needing actual talents. There are much more benefits that would assure you investing in professional actors won’t be a mistake.

No one in the company is fit for the description

If you’re a small company, you have a limited number of employees and possible talents. Corporate videos need specific people to “star” in them. If you have a lack of people who can audition for the role, then it’s time to look beyond the company and check if there are people out there who will fit the bill better.

Aside from the fact that no one in the company qualifies for the spot, maybe no one is willing, too? Can you imagine, if you’re an upcoming tech company, computer engineers acting in front of the camera?

You are not offering to pay them

It’s not always about money. Sometimes, it’s the simple act of letting them know you owe them and they can maybe ask a couple of days off in the future when they need it. You should let your employees know that this is extremely important for the company and that it will be beneficial for everyone. Once they understand the concept behind this corporate video, they might be more willing to shoulder this great responsibility of starring in it.

The video really does require it

If you are doing a skit, for example, real actors should be starring there. Most of the people whose resources you can tap for free might look too awkward or amateur on screen. Because you have decided to go this route, it is up to you to make it as best as it can possibly be. What better way to make a corporate video than to let a professional talent star in it?

You don’t need a celebrity to do this, okay? A local aspiring actor will do just fine. Any of those high school or college students active in theater are okay, too. Actually, because you want raw and unpolished emotions, the best way to go in finding talents is to look for local artists.

You want to open up an opportunity

Living in a small town takes a lot of responsibilities. It means that when you have the chance to get your town known, you’ll do it purposefully. If you want to help local artists through your Lakeland video production, it would be best to hire them for something that would benefit your company, too. Your company ad can open doors for them.