Handling an outdoor video production can seem like a straightforward task, or a formidable one, depending on how you look at it. Filming in an outdoors setting can be very easy to get wrong, but if you get it right, it can result in an amazing finished product. However, as we’ve said, outdoor settings can be difficult to film in, mostly because of the unpredictable nature of the outdoors.

From weather changes to shifting sunlight, it’s infinitely easier to film in an indoors setting when you have the ability to control all of the variables of your video production. Fortunately, while difficult, it certainly is possible to pull off a great production set outdoors. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when filming outdoors to make your production a huge success.


The weather is one of the most unpredictable factors that you have to deal with in the great outdoors. One minute it can be sunny, the birds are singing, and suddenly, a huge torrent of rain comes out of nowhere and drenches you and your crew while you valiantly seek shelter to protect your equipment. It’s important to be prepared for every eventuality.

Read up on the weather conditions for the days that you’ll be filming outside so that you can ready yourselves. If it looks like heavy rain, it’s best to schedule your shoot for another time. If the rain seems manageable enough, then make sure that you prepare your gear against the moisture and always wipe down your lenses before and after use.

If it’s going to be a windy day, make sure that you have the right equipment to help counteract the strong winds, like a stabilizer for your shots, or a focus enhancer. Don’t forget to account for audio as well, try out a line or two in the present conditions, and have a listen. If it’s too hard to make out any words even with a clip-on mic, consider rescheduling.

If it’s sunny, avoid overexposing your gear to sunlight for too long. When not in use, pack it away, and bring along something that can provide cover.

Handling the outdoor terrain

Make sure you stay safe when handling an outdoor video production, especially when trying to shoot in locations that’s hard to maneuver without special equipment, like remote cliffs and caves. If you’re determined to get a shot in these locations, make sure you have the proper safety equipment for both your gear and your crew. If it really is difficult to reach, then you can look into using a special camera like a drone, that can reach these locations with no difficulty.