It is well-known today that Lakeland aerial photography is one of the most popular forms of aerial services available to the general public. Drones are much cheaper now, and plenty of people are looking to work with aerial photography either as a hobby or as a profession.

Because of its immense popularity, plenty of countries are taking necessary steps to make sure that everyone involved in a drone flight remains safe, from the drone pilot to any bystanders in the area.

These rules and regulations help guarantee that anybody who participates in drone flying can stay safe. So if you’re looking into working with Lakeland aerial photography, here are the three main legal points to factor into your aerial services.

Your pilot must be licensed

In order to help make sure that everyone who flies a drone is aware of the drone laws and regulations and is capable of flying a drone around bystanders, countries have made it a requirement for commercial drone pilots to be licensed and registered with the local authorities.

If you’re looking to get into drone photography and videography professionally, you are going to have to take an exam and take the drone pilot’s exam in order to be a fully certified and licensed drone pilot.

There are certain requirements that you have to comply with in order to qualify for the exam, take a look at your local authorities to see what they are.

Your drone must be registered

In addition to being fully certified and licensed, you also have to register your drone with the proper local authorities. However, there are certain circumstances where you don’t have to register your drone. If your drone does not meet the indicated weight requirement, then there is no need to register it, for example.

If you’re going to be registering your drone, you will have to provide specific information such as what your drone will be used for. You will then have to pay a small registration fee.

In the United States, you will be given a registration number that you are required to display prominently on your drone. This will help keep track of your drone if anything were to happen to it.

Drone laws and regulations

This has already been mentioned, but there are local drone laws and regulations that you have to comply with, regardless if you’re getting into professional Lakeland aerial photography or not.

Make sure that you’re familiar with the local drone laws and regulations to make sure that you don’t break any of these laws while you’re piloting your drone.